Thing = Adjective(s) + Noun(s)

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Robo/Bionic Giant Small Tiny Slightly Larger than Normal
Irradiated Mutated Living Death / Deadly Acidic / Acid-spitting
Ice / Freezing / Cold Fire / Hot / Molten Bloody Wet / Water E.M.P.
Time Magical Ethereal Inexplicable Flying / Flight
Teleporting / Teleportation Communication Computation [Technobabble] Poisonous
Venomous Regenerating Thought-provoking Filthy Clean
Stinky Fingerless Fingerful Bouyant Rotating
Verbally Abusive Self-flagellating Tingly Spare Locked
Unlocked Blind Deaf Mute CIPA
Sexual Mentally Handicapped Robust Shiny Frustrated
God-King Space Laser Anomalous E.S.P.
Mind-reading Cyber Remote Controllable (RC) Fainting Feinting



Knife Sword Gun Harpoon Cannon
Grenade Ballista Flail Minigun Bow
Noose Whip Hammer

Equipment, Devices & Misc. ObjectsEdit

Portal Shirt Helmet Cloak Furniture
Lamp Watch Engine Controller Remote Control
Lever Filth Door

Animals & MonstersEdit

Cheetah Panther Eagle Moose Tyrannosaurus-Rex
Pteranodon Pterodactyl Lizard Dragon Mouse / Mice
Sheep Goats

People & JobsEdit

Ninja Pirate Henchman Telepath / Esper Wrestler
Handyman Computer Whiz Regular Whiz Soldier Inspector / Investigator / Detective
Shepard Boy-Child


  • E.M.P. Dragon
  • Spare Knife-Helmet
  • Thought-provoking Moose
  • Regenerating Filth
  • Rotating cyber-goats
  • CIPA Handyman
  • Computation Sheep
  • Time Ballista
  • Verbally Abusive Eagle

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